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SMBs still not going online

We came across this article on the online marketing efforts by small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and wanted to comment on it. The bottom line is that SMBs and the online marketing industry are still missing each other. The article makes some good points but we wanted to make an additional observation.

How effective is your e-mail marketing campaign?

We think it’s safe to say that in 2010, very few businesses don’t include e-mail marketing into their overall marketing campaign. It is overtly clear and has been statistically proven that e-mail is a solid modern medium, with the ability to reach a mass market in the most cost-efficient manner possible; nearly for free. But much like sales and business in general, marketing is highly dependent upon the art of building lasting relationships with customers, with even more emphasis on this in e-mail marketing.

Social Media Integration in 2010…The New Marketing Key.

Social media is not necessarily a known term of the past, but undoubtedly a driving force of the future. Companies are quickly learning that if they intend on reaching their internet-savvy audience in as many ways as possible, integrating a social media marketing campaign into their existing communication strategy isn’t just necessary, it’s imperative.