The Benefits of Google+ Online Marketing

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Are you a copywriter or online marketer? If yes, you need to reap the benefits of Google+ marketing.

As of 2013, Google+ is the second largest social media network with active users. Yes, that means it’s only second to Facebook. Prior to 2013, Twitter was in second place.

What are the benefits of Google+ online marketing?

  1. Google+ Authorship. This tool will verify your online profiles through search engine results and rank you higher than your competitors. The higher you rank on search engine results, the more likely Internet users will visit your online profiles, including your website.
  2. Google+ is a Topical Social Media Network. What does that mean? It means its design is centralized around content creation and organizing that content information for easier consumption and distribution.
  3. Google+ Hangouts. This is a perfect tool for holding webinar sessions and other Q & A sessions via live stream or video presentations.
  4. Google+ can manage Youtube Channels on multiple Google+ accounts. Yes, you can link Google+ pages directly to Youtube accounts. One Google+ account can manage up to 50 Youtube channels. This means better video sharing, live broadcasts and more.

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