Is business Internet Marketing a good investment?

Social Media Marketing

So you have been hearing many things about Internet Marketing. What’s true? What’s false?

No matter what you have heard or haven’t heard, one thing is definitely true – your target audience is regularly on social media and the World Wide Web.

Recent social studies have demonstrated that Americans ages 13 to 64 are spending at least 37 minutes on social media and over 3 hours browsing the Internet per day.

People check emails for at least 33 minutes a day.

If you are not investing in Internet Marketing, you’re missing out on better lead generation and overall business profit.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is a form of marketing that uses online strategies to strengthen brand awareness, product promotion and advertisement.

Here are some common features of Internet Marketing:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for the best visibility and exposure.
  • Pay per click for better website trafficking via strategically placed. advertisements. It’s a great way to guide potential consumers directly to your site because the pay per click campaigns show at the top of search engine results page.
  • Email marketing to spotlight deals on your business products and services.
  • Banner advertisement for better visibility.

Why is Internet Marketing important for your business?

Online marketing is essential to the successful expansion of your business because your competition is now advertising itself on the World Wide Web. If your company has no highly visible online presence, your business doesn’t have a competitive edge. There’s a big market share and revenue to gain from Internet Marketing. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of it.

Where should you start with Internet Marketing?

You need to start with a well designed website and have professional social media business pages created. With these two components of Internet Marketing, you can strengthen your outreach to target audiences.

Your business website should be informative, contain searchable, valuable content and it should have full search engine optimization.

What’s the most viewed social media platform?

It is Facebook.

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