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What Does Google’s HTTPS Shift Mean for Your Website?

August 22, 2017

Is your website secure?

Starting in October of this year (2017), Google Chrome will start labelling sites that are not using HTTPS as “not secure”. This means that when someone types your website into the search bar of their Chrome browser, a dialogue will pop up warning them that the site is not secure. If your web site has any sort of form for visitors to fill out, from email requests to order forms, this change affects you. (more…)

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How To Integrate Instagram Into Your Marketing Plan

August 21, 2017

InstagramOne of the best ways to promote your business and expand your brand is to post a picture.  Whether you are an established corporation or a small business, you should take advantage of Instagram for your marketing needs.  The social media giant has over 700 million monthly active users, so it presents a great opportunity to drive brand awareness and garner potential customers.  There are several ways your business can stand out from the crowd and effectively target your audience on Instagram.   (more…)

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How Twitter Can Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

August 18, 2017
How Twitter Can Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

As technology develops and trends come and go, it’s important to understand how Twitter can benefit your business.

Ten years ago, the likes of Twitter and Facebook were still hovering around the infancy stage. Jump forward to today, and the entire landscape has changed. At first, the social media world was primarily to connect with friends and express opinions. While that’s still present, the argument could easily be made that they’re now designed for marketing professionals to connect with audiences. Twitter is the clearest example of this, because it gives you the ability to immediately interact with with your core crowd. As technology develops and trends come and go, it’s important to understand how Twitter can benefit your business. (more…)

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4 Effective Elements Of Social Media Marketing

August 17, 2017
social media marketing

Investing in a solid social media marketing campaign is essential for a successful business.

Social media marketing is no longer something that is just useful or a nice thing to have—it’s essential. If your business lacks an effective social media marketing strategy in place, you are losing potential customers every day. Adventure Web Interactive has years of expertise turning social media marketing from a nuisance to a bottom-line transformer. (more…)

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What Makes a Good Facebook Post?

August 16, 2017

Creating the perfect Facebook posts may be essential to the success of your business, but how is it done?

Facebook is obviously a part of just about every compelling social media campaign. We all know it, use it, and love it, but that doesn’t mean that Facebook posts are easy to craft. In fact, capturing the perfect amount of information to make a post your audience cares about is a pretty difficult task to tackle. Let’s take a look at some of the elements of a successful Facebook post and what we at Adventure Web Interactive have noticed to work.


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Search Engine Optimization: The Essentials

August 15, 2017

Search engine optimization gets your company noticed!

Search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, is the practice of optimizing your web site’s content so that it will rank higher in web searches. It helps you create a more seamless user experience and helps you convey your intentions to the search engines so that they will display your content. (more…)

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All About Google’s Mobile-First Indexing

August 14, 2017

The internet is an ever-changing place and is currently dominated by the all-mighty Google.  The web giant constantly updates its search engine to serve the needs of its users.  Google’s latest update caters specifically to mobile device users and will shape user’s search engine results.  Google is implementing the updates gradually, and it will affect your company’s SEO ranking. (more…)

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3 Marketing Factors To Consider When Running A Small Business

August 11, 2017
3 Marketing Factors To Consider When Running A Small Business

Digital marketing is trending upward, and every small business can save time by learning these effective techniques.

Running a small business requires enormous effort. With so much to keep track of on a daily basis, you may not be able to take advantage of certain avenues that help grow your business. Marketing, for example, is one area where small businesses struggle to break through. It’s not that they’re unable to devise a potent strategy, but more so that they lack the time and resources. As always, it’s important to work smarter and not harder. Luckily, digital marketing is trending upward, and every small business should can save time by learning these effective techniques. (more…)

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3 Incredibly Simple Ways To Get More People To Read Your Content

August 10, 2017
internet content

Delivering quality content isn’t enough to keep readers engaged.

All those words that you turned into quality sentences that flow together seamlessly. All your hard work can only go so far unless it’s capable of being shared. To attract audiences actually to read your incredible prose requires an immaculate knack for styling your writing in a specific way that makes an audience want more and actually read your beautiful words. (more…)

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How Can You Use Twitter Polls to Boost Engagement?

August 9, 2017

Twitter polls are a fantastic way to engage with your audience, but how do you use them properly?

One of the goals of social media–aside from pulling in those likes and follows–is actually to engage with your customer base. This, however,  can be one of the most difficult hurdles you may face when developing your social media strategy. Twitter polls are one of the best ways to increase engagement with your audience in part because they allow for a respondent to answer a question without fear of being wrong. They also appreciate being able to contribute their opinion to a greater cause. How should you be using Twitter polls to boost audience engagement and create a more compelling, accessible brand?


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