Mastering Social Media Engagement With Livestreaming

livestreaming adventure web interactiveLivestreaming has emerged as a powerful tool for building solid relationships with your audience. In addition to boosting engagement, it can increase your audience size through positive word-of-mouth recommendations and algorithmic promotion. However, it is vital to approach live streaming with care and proper planning to avoid potential pitfalls that could lead to significant setbacks. That is why we have compiled a list of tips you can use with live streaming to help increase your social media engagement.

Consistent Streaming

Posting consistently and at the right time is crucial for effective social media management, including livestreaming. To increase engagement, it’s important to understand when your target audience is most active on the platform you’ll be livestreaming on. For instance, if your audience is primarily stay-at-home moms, consider scheduling your livestream during midday to interact with them. On the other hand, if your target demographic is young professionals, choose to livestream on weekdays after work or during lunch hours. Since most young professionals don’t work on weekends, scheduling your livestream on weekends is not advisable. Consistency is critical, so try to live stream simultaneously and for the same duration every week. This way, your audience will be familiar with your schedule and make time to tune in.

Consider Using A Moderator

If you plan to start a live stream, it’s important to remember that an active comment section can help your stream gain more visibility. However, it’s common to encounter bots and trolls who can disrupt the conversation and ruin your stream. To avoid this, you can designate some people to moderate the comment section while others engage with your audience. This can help protect your stream and make it more appealing to the general public. 

Invite Guests To Your Livestreams 

Livestreams are a powerful tool for businesses, much like a conference. They typically have a theme, a presentation, and a Q&A session. The best part of a livestream is the opportunity for discussion that follows the presentation. As a business, you can leverage this opportunity to connect with professionals who can provide insights and advice your audience might not otherwise have access to. For instance, an executive from your marketing department can guide young graduates in your audience or explain the messaging behind your business’s advertising. Moreover, some platforms allow you to invite someone to join your live stream and project it from their account, thereby expanding your audience.

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