How To Maintain High Merchant Site Rankings on Google

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Have you been hearing gossip that Google may harm your merchant site rankings? If yes, Adventure Web Productions is here to tell you what is true and false about the gossip of losing your merchant site Google rankings.

Matt Cutts from Google has announced that changes are coming by the end of 2013 that will affect merchant site rankings on Google’s search engine.

Here are some crucial highlights from Cutt’s announcement on merchant site rankings:

  • Google search engine will examine the quality of merchants because they do not want low quality merchants and merchants with very little expertise ranking high on search results.
  • Business reviews on search results will be important for merchant rankings. Google is searching for other ways to detect low quality merchants without spamming businesses or consumers.
  • The data feed for Google shopping may have required completeness coming.
  • Well-known brands may be rewarded for their name recognition more than startups.
  • Social Media will be a huge impact on ratings as well as Google seller ratings. Trust factors will be very important for merchant rankings by 2013 such as a prominent phone number, privacy policy, return policy and track orders.
  • Your merchant site should have no duplicate content, bad links or any type of spam pages.

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