New Website Design Launch: MARTEC Facilities advp

New Website Design Launch: MARTEC Facilities

New Website Design Launch: MARTEC Facilities advpAdventure Web Interactive is thrilled to announce the brand new website design for our latest client, MARTEC Facilities! MARTEC is the area’s leader in heat exchanger design, fabrication, and repair. Since 1988, MARTEC Facilities has been the Mid Atlantic’s one-stop service company for all things mechanical! They specialize in Heat Exchanger repair, fabrication, and replacement. They also custom fabricate heating and cooling coils for steam/chill water/hot water systems. MARTEC takes pride in understanding its customers’ requirements and then translating that understanding into a design that will satisfy their needs. Visit their website to learn more about MARTEC Facilities and their services!

About MARTEC Facilities

MARTEC is certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and holds the welding R-Stamp for boiler and pressure vessel repairs. They have a full machine shop and fabrication shop for the repair or replacement of cooling towers, pumps, valves, motors, air handler units, and other mechanical equipment. With their extensive shop and field capabilities, MARTEC can take care of all your heat exchanger needs!

Centrally located in Baltimore, MD, MARTEC services customers in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, and even has customers as far away as Colorado. Their dedicated employees and large fleet of service trucks are ready to assist you. The sales team is prepared to provide a quote for your latest project. 

Services Offered

MARTEC Facilities is a full-service mechanical repair company offering custom fabrication, installation, and repair services. Whether standard or custom-engineered, MARTEC’s heat exchangers offer the optimum efficiency, long life, and quality you need to keep your systems up and running. Here are just a few of the services they offer:

Heat Exchanger, Repair, and Fabrication

  • Customer fabrication
  • Tube bundle, double and single wall fabrication, and retubing
  • Chiller evaporator and condenser retubing
  • Eddy current and ultra sound thickness testing
  • Large inventory of tubing for emergency repairs and fabrication

Heating and Cooling Coils, Steam/Chill Water/Hot Water

  • Custom fabrication
  • Installation
  • Fast Delivery

Boiler Service, Repairs, and Sales

  • Repairs from repairing a small leak or replacing one tube to complete boiler retubing
  • R-Stamp welding repairs
  • Boiler removal and replacement
  • Cleaning and preparation for insurance inspections

R-Stamp and ASME Certified Welding

  • Boiler, pressure vessel, and heat exchanger repairs
  • Tube sheet, fire tube, and shell repairs
  • Piping replacement

Contact Information

MARTEC Facilities is located at 2900 Stafford St, Baltimore, MD 21223. They are open Mon – Fri from 6 am – 2 pm. You can also contact them by phone at 410-525-3333.

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