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Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level with the Google Display Network’s Robust Advertising Options

“How would you like to see your business advertised on over 90% of the internet? That’s a lot of potential customers!”

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The Google Display Network is one of the most popular methods for businesses to advertise on the internet today. Why is this case? Because it is affordable, customizable, and effective. Hundreds of case studies have shown the remarkable effectiveness of advertising on the Google Display Network. No matter what your goals are for your digital advertising campaign, you’ll need the help of a team of experts who knows the ins and outs of Google advertising and how to make the most out of your investment.

Adventure Web Interactive is an award-winning Google-certified marketing agency that has worked with dozens of top businesses in crafting and optimizing Google Display Network campaigns to help them meet their objectives. We’re one of the oldest and most experienced agencies in Maryland, so we can help you make sense of your options and develop a campaign that will help you grow your business!

Two Core Audiences, Two Core Objectives

The Google Display Network is designed to help your business find its audience while they’re visiting their favorite websites, checking their email, watching YouTube videos, or using their mobile devices. There are primarily two different ways to harness the awesome power of the Google Display Network, each of which will use different core target audiences and target different end goals for your campaign.

Finding New Customers – Brand Awareness

This type of campaign aims for customers higher up in the sales funnel, or those similar in profile to your existing customer base, in order to get your business’s name out there. The main goal of a brand awareness campaign such as this one is to drive more traffic to your website, although a secondary goal of this is to drive more sales and/or increase lead generation.

Target Your Existing Customers – Remarketing

Remarketing campaigns target customers who have already visited your website to re-engage them. Many companies with e-commerce sales use this for customers with items in their shopping carts, but e-commerce is not necessary to create an effective remarketing campaign.

Adventure Web Interactive Can Help You Achieve Your Objectives!

At Adventure Web Interactive, we understand the profound impact that digital advertising can have on your business. When done right, it can help you hit your sales goals and gain new lifelong customers. That’s why we take the time to truly understand your business and your goals in order to craft a campaign that maximizes your ROI. We’ve drawn on our experience for dozens of successful businesses in and around the Baltimore-Washington region to help them take advantage of the massive footprint of Google’s advertising networks.

While the success of a campaign does depend partially on budget, the good news is that Adventure Web Interactive is a transparent Google partner. We don’t mark up your ad campaign’s click fees like most digital agencies – your budget goes straight to your campaign. This saves our clients thousands over the traditional agency fee structure. Other agencies aim to maximize their profit by getting the most clicks possible (regardless of your campaign objective). But at AWI, we believe that if you’re not successful, neither are we.

Give Us a Call Today!

Let’s start the conversation on how Google Display Network advertising can benefit your business! Give us a call at (410) 788-7007 to speak with one of our Google-certified experts or fill out our contact form here, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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