What are the benefits of search engine alerts?

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As you may have heard this week, Google alerts are broken.

What are Google alerts?

Google alerts is a service Google provides to businesses and individuals related to content monitoring.

When Google alerts is set up, you can put in valuable search keywords and your company name to keep tabs on when those search terms come up in content throughout the web.

Google alerts will email you anytime these keywords are seen on web pages, newspapers, blogs and other content platforms on the World Wide Web.

What are the benefits of Google alerts?

Here are five good reasons your business should have Google alerts setup:

  1. You can learn about what search terms are buzzwords/ buzz worthy in relation to your company and business products/services.
  2. You can monitor the success and failures of your competitors as well as keep up with industry trends.
  3. You can find out the latest information on current events and breaking news related to your industry exactly when it happens.
  4. You can use Google alerts to protect your brand reputation. It’s important to know what consumers and industry leaders are saying (or not saying) about your brand.

Bottom line: Google alerts is a great tool for effectively managing your business online identity. It’s important to protect your online identity, 24/7, 7 days a week.

All you have to do is enter any kind of query you are interested in learning more about. You can then select how frequently you want Google alerts to come into your inbox.

Google alerts was working great until recently when Google made the alerts less comprehensive.

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