Should businesses invest more in content marketing?

content marketing for small business

Do you know how the majority of potential consumers get to know a business?

The answer may surprise you.

At least 70% of consumers get to know companies better through content marketing rather than traditional advertisement.

However most business brands still spend more money on traditional advertisement than content marketing such as blogging and article writing.

If content marketing receives more attention from consumers than traditional advertisement, why are brands not investing more in content marketing?

Here’s the answer: business brands are afraid to take a chance on content marketing and that’s not good business decision making.

To run a successful business, you have to take risks but be wise about your risk taking.

Adventure Web Productions is here to help you stop running after your sales and effectively implement a content marketing plan.

With high quality content marketing, you can expand your brand awareness effectively with your web content.

Adventure Web Productions can handle both your B2C and B2B marketing.

It’s important to have content marketing services for your business because the way consumers search for goods can make it easier or harder for your business to yield sales.

In the early stages of the consumer purchasing process, consumers take time to web search, read online reviews and receive recommendations from their friends on social media.

If your business content is not easily discovered on web search, you’re losing sale potential.

Instead of sales solely coming from traditional advertisement, direct sales are coming from consumers that receive recommendations from their personal and business relationships.

What is included in good content marketing?

The answer is plenty of Q & A (Questions and Answers). Remember, consumers are searching for a product or service because they need assistance or a good solution.

If your business can properly inform and offer consumers solutions, you’re on your way to selling your merchandise and services fast.

With good content from blog posts and overall web content, your business can see a huge jump in lead generation.

To increase your customer retention and generate new leads faster, more efficiently, you need to have more customer centric content rather than corporate centric content.

Find as many ways as possible for consumers to benefit from your products and services.

Always look for ways to benefit the consumer and the consumer will consistently keep coming back for more of your products and services.

Adventure Web Productions has expertise in articulating information about the benefits of business products and services without losing the voice and tone of your company.

We know how to spotlight your company’s uniqueness and show case your business personality in a way that’s irresistible to consumers.

Our web content creation for business clients is:

  • Direct
  • Simple
  • Precise
  • Informative

Your potential consumers will easily find your customer service pages as well as your products.

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We are here to help you make content marketing the focus of your business marketing campaigns.

We are here to make your company valuable to consumers and spot new consumer trends/ consumer behavior to keep your competitive edge.

Let us drive more consumer traffic and leads to your business today.

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