Tips for Tracking and Responding to Tags on Social Media

Tips for Tracking and Responding to Tags on Social Media

Tags on social media let you know that someone is talking to or about you.

Step up your social media presence in 2019! Tags on social media let you know that someone is talking to or about you. Join in the conversation by carefully tracking these tags.  If you are unsure of how to do this for your business, then here is a handy guide for you to follow.

Tracking Social Tags

The quickest and easiest way to track your social tags is with a social media listening stream. These tags can be positive and negative, and you will want to follow up on both types as soon as possible. Multiple platforms allow you to do this, so you can stay organized and know who to respond to. Remember that when you are responding, you want to be as prompt as possible. You never know who you might surprise when you interact with them!

Responding to Tags

When it comes to responses, doing so quickly is the best way to approach it. This is especially important when a news organization other public figure mentions your brand on social media. When a customer asks a question, you need to get back to them as soon as you can. If you wait too long, you risk losing that customer out of frustration. By improving your relationship with one customer, they will be more likely to give your company a good review and spread the word to their friends and family, potentially giving you some new leads.

Then, remember to stay professional. While you want to project a fun vibe, make sure that your responses make sense with the type of business that you run and that you don’t run the risk of offending or angering your followers. Also, be sure to use language that is simple, so it won’t confuse your audience. Stay positive when responding, although sometimes, it’s simply better to not respond at all.

Occasionally, there will be situations that are so complicated that it is better to communicate one on one through direct messaging or private emails. This avoids a messy timeline or public profile that can spread across the Internet for the wrong reasons –and you don’t want that to happen to you or your company.

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