How to Enhance Your Social Media Content

How to Enhance Your Social Media Content

Does your company rely on its social media interactions with your customers?

Does your company rely on its social media interactions with your customers? Then you know the struggle of coming up with something new and fresh every day. The content you post on your social media channels will reflect on you. Here’s how to improve it.

Review Existing Content

You can’t know where you’re going without looking back on where you’ve been. This much is true when looking to improve yourself as a person, and how to improve the content you’ve been contributing to social media. Which posts were the most successful in terms of engagement and discussions? What topics really mattered to your audience? These are important questions to ask you begin to craft the next wave of posts that you make. When you do this, you can also evaluate which posts were ignored or went unnoticed.

Mark Holidays

The rise of social media has also helped spark the growth of many minor holidays scattered throughout the year. Take some time to think up content to go with these offbeat occasions and mark them with some content – even if they aren’t always directly associated with what your company does on a daily basis. Maybe you can use these days to spotlight a new product or service that you want to focus on in 2019.

Talk to Followers

Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is to talk to your followers directly. Look at comments that users leave behind, and keep an eye on the conversations that spring up around the articles, links, photos, and videos that you add to your social media channels.

Keep Track of News

Don’t forget to keep track of industry news – if you run a hotel or restaurant, then you need to stay on top of trends that your patrons are contributing to, and likewise, if you’re focused on the marketing game, think about how the interface or algorithm changes to Facebook and Twitter can affect the visibility of your posts.

Look at Hashtags

Once upon a time, the hashtag symbol was associated with a pound sign. Now hashtags are all over social media, even on the outlets that initially didn’t support their functions. Look at the popular hashtags to find topics and ideas for social media content to create and moderate.


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