How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Feedback in 2019

Your social media pages are great for connecting with your customers and collecting their feedback on your products and services.

Social media provides a great outlet for talking to your customers. Whether you are launching a new product or starting a new service, you will want to know how effective your marketing campaigns are. How well do your offerings work? You won’t know unless you hear back from your customers. Here’s how to use customer feedback to polish your company’s online reputation.

Follow the Mentions

First of all, pay close attention to mentions of your business on social media. When you do, you can answer questions and respond to concerns voiced by your customers, followers, and users. You can improve your customer service rating and also keep an eye on what your competitors are (or aren’t) doing at the same time. You could find yourselves with new leads that become new customers in 2019.

Gather Feedback

Mentions are one thing, but you can also directly interact with your customers to gather and address their feedback. There will always be a period of adjustment when you bring out new features, especially when you are creating products or providing services that already have a large user base. Make the most of your social media connections by reaching out to different members of your community to see what they think.

Poll Your Customers

Social media is a great place to run a poll or start a survey. Polls can be included on several platforms at once – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the most visible, so it’s a good idea to begin there. Then you can try other platforms that don’t have as many visitors. This way, you can collection opinions and gauge responses to what you have been doing, or what you have been planning to do as 2018 turns into 2019.

Generate Topic Ideas

If you produce a high volume of social content on a daily or weekly basis, it can difficult to keep the conversation going. Sometimes, you just run out of topic ideas to talk about; but another way to connect with your customers in 2019 is to listen to what they’re saying. Frequently-asked-questions or common complaints can be sources of topics for future discussions, whether you need ideas for new blog posts or not.

Social Media Tips From Adventure Web Interactive

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