How You Can Easily Increase Your Facebook Engagement


Looking to increase your Facebook engagement? Try out these easy tips to make yourself stand out a bit more.

Facebook is truly a powerhouse when it comes to digital marketing. There are few avenues as effective and impactful as Facebook, as it has such a wide audience and amazing capabilities in terms of getting your name out there. However, for Facebook to really reach its potential, your audience needs to really engage with your posts. Engagement helps boost who gets to see your posts and can really go a long way in indicating whether or not people are reacting well to your message. Here are some easy ways to boost your Facebook engagement.

Use Quality Images

Facebook may not be a strictly visual platform like Instagram or Pinterest, but posts with photos still perform better on average. Simple, beautiful shots of a product tend to do very well—and if all you have is a mobile phone to take your photos, that’s okay, too. Taking advantage of the numerous stock photography options out there can also work very well depending on what industry you’re working within.

Keep Things Concise

Much of how users interact with Facebook these days is via mobile browsing, meaning they’re using Facebook in those short, in-between moments like waiting for a bus or between meetings. That means it’s highly unlikely that people will take the time to read through a longer, denser post that is time-consuming. Keeping your content concise and to-the-point will make it much more likely that users will engage with what you’re putting out there.

Use Videos or Broadcast Live

If posts with photos get more engagement on average, posts with videos perform even better. Videography can be as simple as a short video shot with your phone and creating simple content, optimized for silent playback especially, is a fantastic way to engage with your audience. Additionally, using Facebook’s broadcasting system, live video can garner a lot of interaction and appreciation from your customers or fans.

Social Media Tips From Adventure Web Interactive

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