How to Improve Your Business’ Blog in 2021

How to Improve Your Business’ Blog in 2021

Blogging has changed, and you should adjust your blogging strategy accordingly. Here are some tips to improve your business’ blog in 2021.

However much you’ve heard to the contrary, blogging still matters. Your small business’ blog gives you the opportunity to build SEO, authority, trust, and—ultimately—sales. None of that has changed in the past decade, but the world of blogging itself has changed quite a bit. There is far more competition than there was in the earlier days of the internet, and you should adjust your blogging strategy accordingly. With this in mind, here are some ways to improve your business’ blog in 2021.

Keep it Simple and Skimmable

When potential customers click on a blog, they’re often seeking simple information, and they hope to get it fast. Sometimes it’s an answer to a particular question. Other times it might be a brief overview of a specific topic.

Don’t beat around the bush. Get to the heart of the matter as quickly as you can, and do so in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. Many people don’t have the attention spans they used to. For this reason, try to keep your blog in 2021 simple and skimmable.

Emphasize Quality

This should go without saying, but a surprising number of people feel as though the quality of the content on their business’ blog doesn’t matter. They think that the most important thing is just that it’s optimized and drives traffic to your site.

Business owners who feel this way are mistaken. You shouldn’t focus on churning out more and more content at the expense of quality. Two blogs per week isn’t necessarily better. If it’s more feasible to post just one, that’s a perfectly fine blogging frequency. Just take care to ensure its quality.

Use Plenty of Outbound Links

Many people feel put off by the idea of using outbound links. After all, why should we direct traffic away from our own websites? But we hope that, if you don’t use them already, you do so with your business’ blog in 2021.

Outbound links do matter for your SEO. But, more importantly, they matter for your reader. Citing your sources and building a network of websites helps you to build authority and trust. Outbound links are your friend. Do not undervalue them.

Keep It Conversational

You want the tone of your business’ blog to be authoritative, but it should be conversational as well. Just like your social media pages, you should see your blog as an opportunity for your business to showcase its personal side. You want the voice of your blog to be one that is friendly, informative, and human.

2020 has taught us a lot. But one of the most important lessons it has taught many of us is the importance of maintaining relationships digitally when we cannot do so in person. Reading a blog isn’t quite like chatting with an old friend. But it can be a beacon of humanity from your business to others.

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