7 Ways to Be a Better Blogger

a woman writes at a cafe and becomes a better blogger

Learn how to be a better blogger by following these seven tips.

Being a blogger can sometimes be an overwhelming task. The responsibility of finding interesting, on-trend topics for your blog, and the pressure to write your blog in a concise, engaging way can weigh on the mind of a blogger. However, there’s no need to let blogging grind you down! There are several crucial actions you can take that will help you craft routinely engaging and interesting blog posts. The next time you feel stuck on a blogging assignment, remember the following ways to be a better blogger. 

Be a Better Blogger By Writing About Your Interests

Most bloggers understand that writing useful quality content will attract more readers to their website. To write those helpful, quality posts, it helps to choose a topic about which you are passionate or knowledgeable. Your interest in the issue at hand will shine through in your writing, which will make the blog more enjoyable for your audience. 

Keep a List of Blog Post Ideas

A useful way to not only be a better blogger but a more productive and efficient one is to keep up a list of blog post ideas. You can turn to this list on the days when you struggle for inspiration. 

Consider How to Make Your Content Unique

Countless blogs are being written for every subject. You can learn how to be a better blogger by checking out similar blogs and considering how your blog can put a twist on the subject. Ask yourself:

  • Is there a niche topic within my subject that has little coverage? 
  • Is there an area other blogs are missing or ignoring?

Focus on the Title and Opening Line

Writing an intriguing or engaging title and an opening line will help draw in readers and compel them to read more. Consider asking a rhetorical question, or saying something unexpected. These are the first words of your blog that readers will see, so they need to hook their interest. 

Develop Your Writing Voice

A distinct writing voice will not only make your posts consistent but will develop a personality for your blog and its online presence. Readers who enjoy your voice will want to come back for your unique perspective on trending ideas.

Make Your Posts Timeless

A better blogger will write posts that are useful for years after they are posted. Try to make the majority of your posts about timeless subjects, and your blogs will receive new readers for years. 

Focus on the Point of Your Post

Ultimately, you can become a better blogger by remembering why you are writing. Ask yourself: what am I trying to communicate? How does this benefit my reader? Knowing the answers to these questions will help refocus your writing when you are struggling with writing subjects. 

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