4 Effective Ways to Remove Writer’s Block

4 Effective Ways to Remove Writer's BlockIf you’re a blogger or work with writing any social media content, you already know how bad writer’s block can be. Writer’s block is the total lack of ability to put your thoughts onto paper in any way possible. Sometimes as a writer, you get into a funk when writing about specific topics, and it can be a challenging thing to overcome. Luckily, here are four easy and effective methods to remove writer’s block to get you back to writing captivating pieces of content!

Alter Your Expectations

 Sometimes as a writer, you might get stuck due to the high expectations that we have on ourselves, and we beat ourselves up if we can’t meet them. If this occurs, sit with your feelings for a bit and analyze them. Are you worried about the state of your writing? Or are you nervous you can’t compare to other writers? Feeling this way is fine, change your expectations a bit if this happens, and then write to your best ability.

Remove Any Distractions

This is definitely one of the leading causes of writer’s block. We live in a world where we are always connected, so it is very easy to get distracted and sidetracked with what’s happening on Twitter or Facebook. Cut off these distractions to focus on your work the proper way. Chrome Extensions like Block Site and Stay Focused can help you restrict access to certain websites you might spend a lot of time on. Consider turning off notifications on your phone as well. You’d be amazed at how much time you’ll save by not looking at your phone.

Take a Break

Sometimes the best way to recoup is by simply stepping away from it all for a bit. Walk away from your desk or office and take some time to socialize. Social settings will expose you to more ideas and thoughts than you’d get by zoning out and staring at the same walls in your workplace. Maybe even take your work to a coffee shop or library to get inspired. Sometimes it takes is some inspiration to remotivate yourself.


This may seem a bit odd, but it’s true that to be a good writer, you need to read and read consistently. The same applies to writer’s block. Take some time to immerse yourself in someone else’s writing. This will expose you to a whole new linguistic world with potential ideas and concepts you haven’t explored yet. Maybe even consider reading your own work, as you could rediscover a writing style that you might have lost in the past.                                 

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