How to Craft Engaging Blog Posts

A person writes an engaging blog post

Engaging blog posts contain photographs in addition to text.

Crafting engaging blog posts that pull readers in and keep them reading can be one of the most challenging tasks social media marketers face. Because Internet users are bombarded with content constantly, they know on average within 15 seconds whether they want to keep reading a website’s content or not. One of the best things you can do to keep your blog’s bounce rate low and to keep readers returning is to take steps to create genuinely engaging content. Follow our steps below for a guideline on how to pull readers in and maintain their interest. 

Attract Readers with a Catchy Headline

The headline might be the most important text in your entire blog post. Nearly 80 percent of readers or social media followers won’t go past reading the headline, so you can’t afford to be less than engaging. However, you want to inspire your followers to read your blog, so don’t give everything away. Keep the headline short, sweet, and eye-catching. 

Hook Your Readers with Your First Paragraph

The first paragraph of your blog will indicate to your reader whether it is worth continuing to read or not. Engaging blog posts begin with something to arouse curiosity and incite readers to continue. Asking a question or proposing a solution to a problem is a great way to appeal to readers’ curiosity. 

Follow the Three-Sentence Rule

The three-sentence “rule” is a guideline for creating engaging blog posts. Keeping paragraphs no longer than three sentences improves readability and helps to avoid clutter in your blog posts. 

Use Images and Graphs for Engaging Blog Posts

Studies have shown that blog posts with images get more views than plain text blogs. Images create instant engaging content because they convey your message much faster than words can. Seeing an eye-catching image or graph can quickly inspire someone to read the content of your blog. 

Keep Content Short and Precise

Writing engaging blog posts using simple, conversational words and phrases is the best way to engage most readers. Blog posts that are too long, have too much jargon or are just confusing will quickly turn away potential readers. 

Have a Perspective 

Engaging blog posts are often considered such because the writer has a clear voice. You should communicate your message clearly, and without using words that weaken your meanings like “kind of” “sort of” and “probably.” Find a clear perspective on your subject and write from that, and your readers will quickly understand what you are trying to communicate. 

Have Fun With It 

You should always try to have fun while blogging. If you’re having fun, your engaging blog posts will be even more so because your positive attitude will come through. You can continue to make blogging engaging for yourself by experimenting with different content, writing styles, or formats. This keeps things fresh for you as a writer, and also helps you experiment with what most attracts engaged readers. 

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