5 Ways to Build an Audience for Your Blog

A woman makes a video blog to build an audience

You can help build an audience for your blog by creating and sharing video content.

If you’re putting in an effort week after week to write intelligent, appealing, and topical blogs, but you aren’t building a sizable audience, you can feel frustrated and like your just “screaming into the void.” If your target audience is not seeing or engaging with your content, you can quickly lose the motivation to continue the blog at all. Building an audience for your blog is a lot harder than it sounds, but new bloggers are developing a few methods to get eyes on their website. If you are struggling to build an audience for your blog, try the following techniques to diversify your marketing approach. 

Build an Audience with Search Engine Optimization 

You may hold the common misconception that “SEO” is only for big-name websites. In actuality, SEO is an essential tool for all websites, and it is also easy to get started with no matter what your expertise or experience is. 

SEO is simply a way to optimize your website for search engines so users can find your site when they search for a relevant keyword or phrase. Optimizing your blog can help build an audience by attracting those who would be interested in your product. 

Video Marketing

While written content is still a proven method for communicating with your audience, mixing in a few videos will attract the section of your audience that is looking for immediate, visual content. Additionally, videos are an excellent way to share your ideas on social media. People are more likely to watch a short video on their social feed rather than click through a link and read a few hundred words. 

Guest Post on Other Blogs

If you don’t have your name out there on other blogs and sources besides your own, it may be hard to sell yourself as an authority on a subject. You can help build your reputation and get your blog known by guest posting on related blogs. This is also a great networking opportunity that will help you create a community of like-minded bloggers. 

Email Marketing 

By building an email list, you can help build an audience that comes back regularly to your blog. Creating an email list is very inexpensive or free, and it is easy to do, no matter your technological experience. You can encourage users to sign up for your list by offering free content downloads to subscribers and by continuing to send engaging and informative emails to keep their interest. 

Long-Form Content

Occasionally writing long-form content can help to build an audience for your blog. If you can hook readers with this content, you can keep them on your page longer. Additionally, long-form content shows search engines that you have some expertise in your field. Don’t write long-form content with no direction, however. Your content should be well-written, organized, and easy to read. 

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