Keyword Mistakes That Hurt Your SEO

Keyword choice is one of the many keys to enhancing SEO

Choosing the right keywords will enhance your SEO. Otherwise, you may not rank as high as you’d like on Google. The goal is to rank high on Google because eight out of ten Internet searches happen on Google. It’s disappointing to type in the name of your business, only to find that it’s not on the first page of Google or even the second. A common misconception is that keyword choice is no longer relevant, but it is! Keep reading! Today we’re going to talk about keyword mistakes that are hurting your SEO efforts.

Using Language, That’s Not Natural 

When you write content, it should sound natural. The same goes for when you’re choosing your keywords. One way to test this is by using a voice search. Use Siri or Google search to seek information. If you say a specific phrase, and it sounds off, then most likely it is. People search for things in the manner in which they speak. For example, a person will be more likely to search for or type into Google, “landscaping company near me,” versus “company that’s close to 777 North Hollywood Street and trims hedges”. 

Picking Keywords Based on Volume and Not Relevancy 

Your keyword choices should be relevant to the nature of your content. It may be tempting to throw in random, popular keywords, but if it has nothing to do with your content, then that will only hinder your SEO. Also, if someone clicks on your content, only to find that the information they need is missing, it will frustrate them. 

Not Using Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are keywords that aren’t as popular but work best if you’re a startup business. This idea may seem contradictory, given that we talked about using natural language, but we’ll explain. If your business is relatively new, you want to use nuanced keywords relevant to your niche. If a person types in “pizza,” to Google, undeniably, you know that Papa Johns, Dominos, and Pizza Hut will pop up. However, if you type in “cauliflower crust pizza,” then your business has a higher chance of ranking. Why? Because you’ll no longer be competing with large chains or more established businesses. Focusing on keyword choices that speak to the uniqueness of your brand is always ideal. Also, notice how the language still sounds natural. 


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