4 Twitter Tips for Small Businesses


Twitter is essential for many small businesses, but are you really using the platform correctly?

Social media has changed the face of business, especially when it comes to marketing. The average person spends a large part of every day on some sort of social media channel, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or something else. It can be hard to decide where you need to focus what little time and attention you have for marketing. Is it better to post on Facebook or make a flyer, Tweet about the sale or get a new sign?

Assess Your Business

The truth is that Twitter will be more worth your time in some industries than others. Twitter’s research shows that their users are more likely to discover new things than the average online user and that they like being the first person to try something. In a similar vein, Twitter users tend to be more open-minded, to like sharing things with their followers, and to value experiences. If this matches your target customer, Twitter is likely a good choice for you.

Set Goals

Whenever you dive into a new social media channel, you need to set realistic expectations. If you don’t have any concrete goals for how the social media application will help your business, you won’t ever know if it is working (and therefor worth your time). Examples of solid goals for your Twitter could include increasing traffic to your website, increasing brand awareness, or becoming a support option for customers. Choose two or three goals to begin with. Once you have decided on the goals, figure out what metrics you can track to assess the goals, such as new followers, clicks, or direct messages.

Monitor Your Mentions

To know if your social media strategy is working, you have to be on Twitter and tracking how often you’re followed, retweeted, mentioned, or messaged. You can’t possibly be on Twitter 24/7 though, you have other social media to monitor and that’s just a small sliver of your workload. So you should make good use of the search feature to track all of this and know what you need to respond to. Twitter also offers an advanced search feature, which is a great way perform a very specific search.

Consider Automating

Social monitoring is a way to track mentions of your company or brand, and this can be hard since there are about 8000 tweets per second. Luckily it can be automated. There are many companies that can help you monitor your social channels and even help you with content creation. Once you decide what you want to track, you can set up periodic alerts that let you know the metrics for that issue.

Social Media Tips From Adventure Web Interactive

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