4 Traditional Marketing Techniques That Still Apply


Marketing has changed in a lot of ways but there are some facets that will always be relevant.

Marketing is as old as money and, much like most facets of trade, has evolved to be nearly unrecognizable from its humble origins. Nonetheless, some things will always stay the same, and that includes some basic tenets of marketing. It’s easy for us to forget about the basics when we’re managing multiple social media networks, optimizing our websites for SEO, and trying to engage with our audience in a friendly, human way. Taking the time to brush up on the basics of marketing and skills that are universal will help your approach and customer acquisition or retention.

1. Do Your Research

Having a well-researched approached towards getting your name, product, or services out there can be a huge factor in success. Simply by knowing your target audience, who your competitors are, or what mediums you should be using to engage with, you can be much more successful as a marketer. Take the time to look at hard numbers and ask the right questions!

2. Avoiding Immoral Tactics

In the social media era, we tend to refer to this as clickbait—but it’s an issue that marketers have dealt with for decades. While it may be an effective short-term cash grab, any business that aims for sustainability should do their best to advertise in ways that show they truly care about their customer base.

3. Engaging in Conversation

Imagine going to purchase a product at a store and having no one around to help you. Making an informed decision becomes difficult and feeling alone on the issue may make you more wary about purchasing products from that store. The same is true for brands and companies; consumers should feel as though they have a way to communicate with you directly, otherwise it becomes harder to establish trust.

4. Understanding Context

Context matters in any conversation and that includes the ongoing one that exists between marketers and consumers. It’s important to be aware of world events and what’s going on in the world and content should always reflect that. Additionally, it’s good to understand the limitations of certain formats, like the shorter form videos that are optimized for Facebook or YouTube in contrast to longer ads for television.

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