What is Social Media Conversion and How Do You Improve It?

Social Media

Getting your audience to respond to your social media posts can be tricky.

When it comes to marketing, the term “conversion” is thrown around quite a bit—sometimes so excessively that it’s easy to lose sight of what it’s really all about. In the simplest terms, conversion refers to getting your audience to respond to your calls-to-action and actually engage with you. This can be as simple as having someone open an email, call your company because of a posting you made, or buying your product. For anyone seriously concerned with marketing, a high conversion rate from social media is a worthwhile goal to set, but how can you improve conversion rates?  

What Kinds of Conversion Are There?

Since conversion is such a broad term, it can be hard to tell what constitutes conversion sometimes. Let’s use an example to illustrate. If you post a photo showcasing a new product on Instagram and advertise your website in the caption, getting someone to actually go to your site is one form of conversion. A stronger kind of conversion would be seeing the sales for said product shoot up after posting to Instagram. To acquire this kind of interaction with your customers, it’s important to push original content to your social channels.

Empathizing With Your Audience

The key to any good message is that it is understandable. For the majority of consumers, this means speaking in a way that relates to them—a way that is human and filled with emotion, rather than purely focused on business. Audiences tend to react well to messages that are transparent, simple, and easy to understand. To do this effectively, you must first understand who exactly you’re marketing to. Conversion can’t happen without social media that is tailored to your specific audience.

Conversion Ideas

To increase your conversion rate, you may want to create unique content for each platform you utilize. This prevents your message from getting stale or boring. You’ll also want to do more than just posting links, as you should have content that is creative, engaging, and new.

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