How to Create Quality YouTube Marketing Videos

How to Create Quality YouTube Marketing Videos

Video marketing is very quickly becoming the most valuable web marketing tool available.

Video marketing is very quickly becoming the most valuable web marketing tool available. One of the best ways to share your marketing videos is on YouTube. There are billions of videos viewed and shared on YouTube every day, all over the world. Once your videos are on YouTube, you can even share links to them on your social media sites to get even more viewers! Here are some valuable tips that you can use to create quality YouTube content for your business!

Stabilize the Camera

One of the biggest rules of shooting good YouTube videos is to keep your camera stable. Using a tripod is extremely helpful for this. You want viewers to focus on your content and not be distracted by the shaky camera when watching the video. In the absence of a tripod, you can place the camera on another level, stable surface. If the subjects in your video are moving around, try filming in manual mode. This will allow you to refocus as necessary while still keeping the camera stable.

Change the Angles

The objective of your YouTube videos is to get the viewer interested in your business’s products and services, so it is important to keep the videos interesting. If possible, shoot scenes from multiple angles and distances. Even if your video is a simple interview, changing the angles throughout will keep it more visually interesting.

Don’t Be Afraid of Over-Recording

When getting footage for your YouTube marketing videos, it’s a good rule of thumb to always record more than you think you’ll need. Once you’re in the editing stages it’s a whole lot easier to edit things out than it is to add to the videos. Also, try not to make the videos too long. If a video is too long, you risk viewers not having time to finish or getting bored and moving on.

Invest in a Good Microphone

If there will be speaking in your videos, you will want to invest in a good microphone. Even the best cameras can sometimes have garbled or distorted sound. You can prevent a lot of that if you have a good, quality microphone recording the spoken parts of your video.

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