7 Reasons to Utilize Facebook as Your Primary Digital Marketing Platform

7 Reasons to Utilize Facebook as Your Primary Digital Marketing PlatformNot only is Facebook an excellent platform for connecting business and business owners, but it is also one of the best digital advertising platforms to advertise with. If you are determining whether or not to continue with Facebook advertising, consider these seven reasons why Facebook ads are the digital advertising strategy of the future.

Facebook Live Gives Customers a Unique Perspective

While other forms of social media may offer instant updates for businesses, Facebook Live allows customers to see ‘behind the scenes’, with the feel of Snapchat and the professionalism of LinkedIn.

Instant Feedback

Unlike the many other means of digital advertising, analytics, comments, and feedback for Facebook ads are almost instant, so you can tweak and update ads as needed throughout your digital campaign. This also gives you an element of flexibility with your campaign that you may not get with other forms of social media.

Comments are an Advantage

The ability for customers, potential clients, and other business owners to comment on Facebook ads is an excellent advantage for your digital campaign, generating conversation and awareness surrounding your ads.

Facebook is Constantly Evolving

One major advantage of Facebook is the way in which it is constantly evolving with new features and new ways to connect or share. In just the past year alone, it has added several useful features such as the integration of other apps such as Uber, crowdfunding, and a shopping tab.

Integration of Chatbots

Much like the shopping pages of a retail site, Facebook will be integrating chatbots to business pages, allowing businesses to send automated messages to assist customers and provide CTA information. This will also allow for greater customer feedback over time.

Brand Awareness

The latest Brand Awareness objective on Facebook is a great resource for any business owner, especially in early stages of brand awareness. This provides tools such as ‘guided creation’, as well as reach and frequency analytics to assist business owners with new campaigns.

Low Costs for Visibility

In addition to providing various resources for successful digital campaign management, Facebook has also managed to keep their costs low against Google and Youtube ads. With this, you also know that your money is being channeled towards a target audience that is more likely to engage with your brand.

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