Things to Know About Pinterest in 2020

These days, almost everyone is familiar with the benefits of social media from a marketing perspective. There’s no denying that social media can be an extremely valuable tool to increase brand recognition, website traffic, and—eventually—customers. You can rest assured that this isn’t going to change. Expect investment in social media marketing to increase as time goes on. Many businesses have used platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for marketing purposes. How about Pinterest? This social media platform shattered records as it quickly garnered 10 million users in 2012. This is more than just a passing craze. Here are a few things to keep in mind about Pinterest in 2020.

Things to Know About Pinterest in 2020

Pinterest shattered records as it quickly garnered 10 million users in 2012. Here are some things to keep in mind about this platform in 2020.

Popular Among Millennials

Any marketing professional is familiar with the importance of knowing your audience. If your business uses Pinterest for marketing purposes, keep in mind that millennials form a large part of their demographic. Over half (52%) of millennials use Pinterest every month. You should note that millennials have a habit of scouring the internet to research purchases. The odds are that Pinterest will be one source of information they use. Even if your business does not have much of a millennial audience, keep in mind that Pinterest can be a great way to gain one.

Not Just Women

One of the persistent myths about Pinterest has been that it is exclusively used by women. There is some truth to this notion, compared to other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter. But men still make up a significant chunk of Pinterest users at 20%. What’s surprising is that it is especially popular among young fathers. 82% of dads in the United States say that they use Pinterest to find new products. These dads have a particular interest in researching DIY projects and healthy recipes.

Atmosphere of Positivity

Finally, you should keep in mind that Pinterest has a decidedly different atmosphere from most other social media platforms. Overwhelmingly, Pinterest users describe the platform as being characterized by positivity. This can have big implications if you’re using Pinterest as a marketing tool. You don’t want your pins to stick out as tonally inconsistent with the majority of others. People turn to Pinterest as an escape from the dry negativity that pervades on other social platforms. Keep this in mind.

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