How to Use Social Platforms to Grow Your Audience

how to use social platforms to build an audience

Learn how you can use social platforms to build your audience.

It is one thing to build a website, but quite another to build an engaged audience for your content. While you may want to use your website as the primary platform on which to mingle with your audience, most people do not socialize on blogs or websites. Instead, they go to social media platforms and engage with companies and bloggers that way. This is why incorporating these social platforms into your website and content is an excellent way to grow your audience and client base. Read on for tips on how to grow your audience with social platforms. 

Make Sharing Content Easy 

An easy and straightforward way to make your website more social is by letting readers share your content on the social platforms they love. On many sites, you can add simple plugins that enable users to share to common social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest with a single click. This ease of sharing encourages your readers to engage with your content, as well as expose your content to more people. 

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

While it is tempting to do whatever you can to rack up likes and video views, these numbers don’t necessarily translate into meaningful engagement. Instead, what matters more is the number of conversations you start, the number of visitors you drive to your site, and audience loyalty that you cultivate. It is preferable to have a handful of dedicated and engaged fans rather than large numbers of random people visiting your content and never returning. Considering this, you should avoid creating “clickbait” content that only wants views or likes. Think about what your target audience wants and create substantial content for them. 

Focus on A Few Significant Social Platforms

If you try to commit to being on every social media platform, you will spread yourself thin and fail to impact any platform. What you should do instead is to select a few significant social platforms that your ideal reader will use every day and work on engaging your audience there. A few guidelines for how to choose social media platforms include: 

  • Different platforms tend towards different age groups. Facebook often works well for those between 25 and 49 years old, while Instagram is more popular with 18 to 24 year-olds, as is Snapchat. 
  • Some platforms are suited to sharing particular topics. For instance, most college graduates are on LinkedIn, so that website is useful for targeting an audience looking for content related to career development. 
  • Look at other people and companies in your niche, and see on which platform they generate the most engagement. This can help you decide how best to reach your audience. 

Feel Free to Experiment

Social media platforms are easy to join and test out. When developing your social strategy, select one or two platforms first, and see how they work for you. If one doesn’t work, you can drop it and try another. Feel free to experiment with the social platforms available to you until you develop the best social strategy for your content. 

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