Sharing is Caring: Benefits of Using Social Media for Marketing

While having a lot of likes and followers can be helpful, the real value of social media lies in its uses for marketing.

The goal of social media shouldn’t just be a popularity contest.  While having a lot of likes and followers can be helpful, the real value of social media lies in its uses for marketing.  In today’s world, everyone has at least one social media account.  Some people even make them for their pets.  This prevalence makes it great for building your business.  Here are just a couple of the things social media can do for your business.

Legitimize Your Brand

Social media can also help to establish that your brand is legitimate. Quite often, when a consumer discovers a new brand they just log in and search for it on their social media page. A lot of small businesses have websites that change very little after their initial setup. Social media pages, however, are far easier to keep updated with new posts, comments, reviews, etc. Having a website tells the world that your brand exists, but maintaining active social media pages keeps your brand relevant.

Create Brand Awareness

Since social media is so widely used, it is one of the best way to make your business known.  This is especially beneficial to small businesses and businesses that are just starting out.  Content posted on social media sites can quickly go viral, and since about two thirds of the country uses social media sites that means that your brand would be out there extremely quickly. In fact, research shows that brand awareness via social media advertising is quickly catching up with television advertising.

Increase Your Sales

Ultimately, the goal of social media is to increase your sales and revenue. After all, it is called social media marketing, not social media public relations. Legitimizing your brand and creating brand awareness will both help increase sales, but there are ways to use social media to pull customers directly to your business. It’s quite simple to post links directly to sales on a social media page, or even to post advertisements for an upcoming sale.

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