Understanding the Jargon of Digital Marketing

When you hear someone talk about online marketing, it can almost seem like they are speaking a different language.

Online and digital marketing are always evolving, so it can be especially hard to keep up with new jargon. But, once you do understand the current digital marketing lingo, you will be able to communicate with clients and your employees much more effectively. Let’s take a look at what these buzzwords really mean.

Predictive Analytics

digital marketing

Online and digital marketing are always evolving, so it can be especially hard to keep up with new jargon. Defining buzzwords is key.

Predictive analytics uses algorithms to help try and provide more insight into consumer behavior for businesses. While the concept is valid, some companies are relying too heavily on this data to market their business. In control studies, you may be able to find the exact same answers that are provided by predictive analytics. There are also variables in any data set that can make it hard to trust the accuracy of an algorithm. As technology advances, however, predictive analytics will become much more sophisticated and add more value to research. So even if your company isn’t using predictive analytics, it’s still important to know what it is for when clients ask you about it.

Web/Hybrid App

Some of the latest digital marketing jargon you may have heard of is something called a web/hybrid app. Essentially, this is just a website that is made to look like an app. The problem with this concept is that it doesn’t have the same data collection capabilities as an application. Since the hybrid doesn’t have the same capabilities, you may be wondering why a business would want to use a hybrid. Well, one of the biggest debates in online marketing right now is over whether it is worth building the infrastructure for native experiences that are specific to Android or iOS platforms. Users want an experience that feels natural, but there is no guarantee that building an app is going to provide a solid ROI. The debate over web/hybrid apps in online marketing circles still rages on, but at least you now know what all the fuss is about.


If you’ve spent time researching digital marketing, there’s a good chance you probably came across the word omni-channel. This is a strategy that uses multiple channels to try and deliver a seamless customer experience. But omni-channel is known to cause confusion in the digital marketing community. The confusion with omni-channel is that some marketers and business owners mistake it for being an integration of mobile and desktop. Mobile is a device, and it should not be considered as a channel. But, mobile platforms have allowed more channels to be utilized like web, apps, and email.

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