How to Get Social Media Users to Follow your Brand

Curious as to why people follow brands on Facebook and Twitter? Then we are here to help you obtain more of an understanding on what draws in Likes, Re-tweets and Follows on your most used social media networks.

Social Media sites are very powerful marketing tools for brands online. A recent info-graphic published by Get Satisfaction and Column Five Media suggest that positive online brand experiences create loyal customers the more customers can be engaged by a brand in digital space.

Potential and existing customers can be engaged by participating in a contest, by liking or re-tweeting a brand on Facebook or Twitter. Those who are engaged with a brand tend to purchase products and make recommendations to their friends, coworkers, and family.

But why are social media users becoming more engaged in brands through online marketing? The answer appears to be that 36.9% of Facebook users and 43.5% of Twitter users want to connect with brands to stay in the loop with special offers. In addition to these statistics, 70% of social media users say they engage with brands online to participate in a contest or sweepstakes. The results reveal that social media users want to gain benefits from engaging with your brand. Social media users do not want to be subjected to the same content over and over again. They want brands creative with offers and ones that create new offers they have never received.

Brands and social media users alike want meaningful and beneficial relationships on social media.

Here are just a few suggestions to make your brand have meaningful and beneficial relationships with social media users:

  1. Your brand can establish meaningful relationships with social media users by responding to mentions in a timely fashion on Twitter or responding to questions posted on your brands Facebook “wall”.
  2. Make your status updates thoughtful to always make your social media users feel connected to your brand on a daily basis.
  3. Post a contest to draw excitement to your brand.
  4. Post weekly or daily blog posts.
  5. Measure what type of content gets the most return of comments and impressions.
  6. Make sure whatever your brand may be offering to social media users can be promoted regularly using social media with links that direct back to the landing pages of your website.

For more marketing statistics that can advance your brand’s popularity on social media read this article.

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