3 Apps To Improve Your Marketing Campaign


Social media apps to revitalize your business.

From turning off the lights in your home to keeping track of your steps, there seems to be an app for everything in 2017.  Businesses have found solace in apps in order to create a successful marketing campaign and to make daily operations run more smoothly.  Businesses can use software programs to track the popularity of their content and accurately evaluate user engagement.  Apps have become essential for companies because they access information in their home, car, or even in the bathroom.  Here are three apps that can improve your marketing campaign even while you are on the go.


Social media is key to a marketing campaign and sometimes it can seem tricky to manage several platforms.  Buffer allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place.  You can choose which platform to post on, including Facebook and Twitter, and you can manage user engagement with a built-in analytics tool.  This is the perfect app to schedule and organize your social media postings.  So if you need to post content in ten minutes or send out a post in one month, Buffer can do it.

Google Analytics

Today everyone has probably heard of Google Analytics, but now it is time to take advantage of the FREE service.  The app allows businesses to see how their websites and social media platforms are performing all in one place.  It also allows you to review data in real time and to save reports to your dashboard.


With all these news apps to improve your business comes an additional password to remember.  This app is strictly for the forgetful person who can never seem to remember their password.  This efficient app allows you to have one master password for all of your accounts and apps so you never have to write one down ever again.  It is essential for the person on the go and is extremely secure and safe.

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