3 Social Media Trends We Expect to See in 2019

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Social media itself is going to change a lot in the near future. So will social media marketing. These are some of our predictions for what it will look like in 2019.

If you’ve paid attention to the news at all this year, you know that there’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding just about every major social media platform. As beneficial as these platforms may be for connecting us with our loved ones and helping us find the products or services we want, there are some apparent drawbacks as well. That’s cause for constantly-shifting attitudes and approaches towards social media marketing, either because of changes within the platforms themselves or as a result of the general public having a changed belief toward those platforms. Preparing for the future is hard but these are three social media trends we expect to see in 2019.

1. Direct Communication is King

Customers are less interested in being directly advertised to these days as they are being able to communicate with brands. There’s a reason why so many businesses are keen on keeping their response rate consistent via Twitter direct messages or on Facebook Messenger. This indicates quite a bit, but it also makes it possible that we’ll see businesses taking advantage of other messaging services like Skype, WeChat, or WhatsApp. While that may be the way to go for larger international businesses, it’s going to put some pressure on smaller companies to have more reliable communication via direct messages for the big platforms.

2. Gaining Back Trust

2018 was plagued by breaches of trust coming from the major social media companies. Everything from allowing bots to run rampant, to questions about censorship, to ending up in front of Congress meant that they were in the spotlight for much of the year. This has contributed to an overall lack of trust in social media platforms as well as a lot of questions of ethics. Going forward, we expect to see many companies transition their marketing techniques to be more transparent, straight-forward, and fact-based.

3. Competitive Advertising

The numbers are in and just about everyone agrees that paid advertising generally works. However, so many companies are turning to paid advertisements that the fact that the content is paid for alone is no longer enough. It’s forcing companies to really put effort into what kind of content they create for paid advertising purposes.

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