The Top Copywriting Tips for Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have become one of the most powerful forms of advertising out there. Still, there are some tricks to give you an advantage.

Marketing and advertising is a challenge, especially on social media. Your viewers, readers, or potential customers are inundated with ads all day, everyday. There are ads on their phones, during the videos they watch on Facebook, and on the sides and in the text of every website and blog they visit. There are so many ads that most people are practically trained to ignore and overlook them. This means that your ads have to really be something intriguing for them to work, and a big part of this is the copy. Compelling copywriting can improve the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.

Respect The Customer

First, remember that these types of ads are going to be inserted into something that your potential customer is already choosing to do, like scrolling their timeline or watching a video. Your ad is an interruption, so make sure that it is worth the time it takes them to look.

An Image

The first thing your Facebook ad needs to do is get the attention of your viewer, and an image is the best way to do that. The right image will make someone pause in their scrolling long enough to read your post, while the wrong image won’t even be noticed.

The Words

Once the image captures the reader’s eye, the words are where your ad does its work. You don’t have a lot of room or time before the reader scrolls on, and you need to include a CTA (call-to-action) and also convince the reader of the benefit or value to them. A good strategy is to put the value as text on the image (the bottom has been shown to work best for this), so that you’re sure it won’t get lost or overlooked. Your image should be no more than 20% text, but that 20% can do a lot of work. Tell the reader what problem of theirs your service or product can solve. Finally, make sure your message is concise and focused on a single topic, and try to “call out” to the reader you’re targeting: “Did your basement flood this weekend?” or “If you’re in the market for a new salon…”

The Target

You should have different ads for different people or targets. If you’re targeting past customers or current followers, you would be better off with a new offer, like a discount.  This way the value is in the money they can save on using a known product or service again. If you’re targeting new customers, you need to express the value of the product or service itself, since they don’t know about it yet.

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