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Some Healthy Habits to Make Your Landing Pages More Efficient

landing adventure web interactiveLanding pages are the first webpage your customer interacts with when they come to your site. An efficient landing page will interest your customer and easily let them explore your website. It is a great way to understand how your customers interact with your services. You can monitor landing pages with Google Analytics and other software. 

Keep it Simple

A busy landing page will take a long time to load and may be overwhelming to your customer. Consider cleaning up your landing pages if you see that people leave the landing page quickly and do not interact with the site. You can reduce any large graphics, and animations can be shortened or eliminated. 

Your Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) is a blurb at the end of every webpage that includes contact information, what your business does, and instructions to contact you today. An effective CTA is about 100 words, easy to read, and flows naturally. To maximize search engine optimization, the CTA should include the main keywords for your company. A fence company would include the words: fences, barriers, security, and privacy. You want search engines to associate your business with these keywords as much as possible.

Hyperlink Your Pages!

Throughout your company’s blogs and informational pages should be linked to other parts of your website. To keep customers on your website as long as possible, you want to include relevant hyperlinks to your pages. For a blog, most hyperlinks are other blogs or specific services you offer. 


If your business has built strong relationships in your community, consider asking some of them to provide testimonials. Personalize your business and website by showing how real people interact with your company. Much like an advertisement, showing someone enjoys your products and services will entice potential customers. They also make great landing pages because they can be hyperlinked throughout the page.

Be Concise

Webpages can get complicated quickly, especially over time. Every so often, the entire website should be cleaned up. Update services, remove outdated material. Another part of keeping up your site is ensuring everything is easy to understand, and your services are put into the simplest terms. You want your business to be accessible to everyone. Using clear language will help immensely.

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