Keep Your Website Up to Date With This Checklist adventure web interactive

Keep Your Website Up to Date With This Checklist

Keep Your Website Up to Date With This Checklist adventure web interactive

Regular maintenance will help you find problems that may prevent your website from working correctly.

A website is a vital tool for any business. As a result, it has to be maintained the same way you take care of and clean up your physical spaces. Failing to maintain your website might prevent you from generating profits and getting orders out effectively. It is a good idea to take a look at your custom website and check for any issues. Regular maintenance and testing will help you find and deal with problems that may prevent your website from working correctly. Here is a handy website checklist for easy maintenance.

Site Speed

Your website loading speed can significantly impact search engine rankings, bounce rates, and general website traffic. Therefore, you must periodically monitor the speed of your site, preferably weekly or monthly, and take immediate steps to optimize the website once you notice the speed dropping below a certain acceptable level.

Broken Links

After updating your website to promote a new product or service, the last thing you want is to find out none of the links work! If you link other pages and media throughout your website, you must confirm and ensure that every link is working perfectly. Broken links are a common phenomenon of websites of all kinds. So, you should include this practice in your site maintenance routine and do your best to keep all your links in working order.

Check Your Contact Forms

Many business owners neglect to check the contact forms on their websites. Whether it’s an inquiry form on your contact page or subscribe function, test them intermittently to ensure they are going to the correct destinations and any automation you have in place is working correctly. It is typical for a script or plugin update to cause a little confusion on your forms. So regular testing will ensure you do not miss out on any valuable transactions because of a minor oversight.

Check Your Backups

There is so much content and information stored on custom websites. Losing all that data would be a detriment. A lot of money goes into the content creation and structuring of your website. If you do not back up your website files on a regular basis, you could lose all the valuable content you have created in a flash. Routinely backing up your files will ensure you always have a recent copy of your website should the worst happen. At the very least, you should back up your website files every month or once every few months.

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