Finding Your Target Audience on Social Media

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of knowing your target audience on social media. Without having a thorough understanding of who you want your product to appeal to, you cannot succeed at marketing. You should cater all aspects of your social media to individuals of your desired demographic.

Identifying Your Target Audience on Social Media

Struggling to identify your target audience on social media? Consider following these methods.

Remember: demographics can include profession, age, level of education, and geographical location. Fictional buyer personas can only go so far. This might seem like a lot to take in. Thankfully, there are ways to develop a good sense of who exactly your target audience might be. That’s what we’d like to cover today.


The old fashioned (but not antiquated!) way to do this is by issuing surveys. Consider sending out surveys to all of your social media platforms and email subscribers, asking them to fill out some key demographic info. Some social media pages have built-in polling features, such as Twitter Polls.

You’re going to want to ask all of the basic demographic data we have laid out above. If your primary target is businesses as opposed to consumers, ask about their industry, revenue, and number of employees or customers.

But you can also use this opportunity to learn even more about them. Consider any of the following queries:

  • How do you research products or services prior to purchasing?
  • Do they buy the products or services of any competitors?
  • What qualities do they look for in a product or company?

Modern technology may be able to provide some basic demographic information through simpler means. Still, don’t discount the personal dimension afforded by surveys.

Look at Which Social Media Platforms Are Most Popular

A more modern way to gain knowledge about your target audience is through determining which of your social media platforms get the most attention. All of the major platforms have well-documented demographic leanings.

For instance, Pinterest is especially popular among millennials, and a majority of its users are women (although it has come to enjoy significant popularity among fathers).  Facebook users, on the other hand, are older on average. (Incidentally, you might want the content you put out on each platform to differ in a way that reflects these demographic nuances.)

You might have developed an organic sense of which of your social media platforms enjoys the most success. But it’s not always so obvious. If you’re not so sure, check out Google Analytics, and identify the networks most prominent in your referral traffic report.

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