How to Choose the Best Photos for Your Blog

selecting the best photos for your blog

Learn how to select the best photos for your blog, to increase social engagement.

If you are using a blog to increase engagement and reach for your website, you understand the power of a good photo. We all know that blogs with pictures are better than blogs without photos, but it does matter which photograph you choose; just any old image won’t be enough. The primary way photos help blogs is by encouraging click-through engagement on social media. The right image can grab someone’s interest and require them to click-through and read your content. Read on to learn how you can be sure you are choosing the best photos for your blog. 

Choose Relevant Images

The priority in selecting blog photos is choosing photos that are high-quality and relevant to your post. Quality can be subjective, but there are a few essential elements that indicate an objectively good-quality image for online sharing: 

  • The subject of the photo should be identifiable and in sharp focus
  • The image is not overexposed or underexposed
  • The image has very low noise or graininess
  • The picture has good composition, which means the subject is centered in an appealing way

Avoid Generic Images

It can be tough to avoid generic images, but the best photos for your blog will offer something new and interesting. Even if you are using a generic concept, like a handshake, you can look for bold colors, contrast, composition, or more to make the image more visually appealing. 

Optimize Your Images for Search

You can optimize your blog images for search engines by using descriptive alt tags. This practice is good for HTML standards as well as accessibility for sight-impaired individuals. Name your pictures appropriately and with a file name that roughly follows the pattern of “your-image-description-and-keyword.jpg.”

Make Your Images Shareable 

When selecting the best photos for your blog, consider the appeal of this post on social media with or without images. It’s possible that your content may not need an image every time. If you want to know what works best, experiment with no images, images, and small and large variations while gauging your analytics. If you decide to add photos to your blogs, consider whether someone on Facebook or Twitter will be interested in learning more after seeing your selected picture. 

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