4 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement
Trying to drive your Facebook engagement? Use these four tips to help improve your strategy.

Facebook has its obvious benefits as a marketing tool for businesses. While its certainly a powerful tool, you’re also constantly fighting for engagement in an attempt to stand out from the rest of the crowd. It isn’t always easy to maintain high levels of engagement on any social media platform, but especially Facebook, where it’s a constant battle for clicks. Let’s take a look at four tried and true methods of increasing Facebook engagement.

1. Go Into Detail

There is actually quite a bit of information you can drum up about your business to place onto your Facebook page. Many will even cite some of the information listed on Facebook in their reviews, so it’s important to put in as many details as you can to help guide your customers to the right info. Taking the time to really fill out your “About Us” section so that all necessary information like your hours of operation or top reviews from clients ur customers are present is a good way to let your audience get the most out of your social platforms.

2. Use Engaging Content

Creating the right kind of content is essential to any social media marketing platform, and that includes Facebook. Facebook engagement is about making sure your content is relevant and quality. This helps promotes time-sensitive campaigns and can help circulate your brand as being an informative, helpful one. New photos, videos, or blog posts can go a long way in keeping your page fresh and worth a second look.

3. Try Cross Promotion

It’s unlikely that you’re only using Facebook to promote your brand. If you have other accounts, cross-posting your content across multiple outlets can help drive Facebook engagement. You may run a limited time competition on Facebook, but you can lead people to that post through an Instagram post or by referencing it in an Instagram story. It’s good to remind people of just where exactly they can find out more about your business online.

4. Nail the Timing

Timing out your posts is a necessary strategy if you want to get the most out of Facebook. Sometimes, it’s as simple as posting during lunch hours because it’s more likely that people will be checking their social media than during typical work hours. However, you can start to keep track of what posts do best and at what time and build a strategy moving forward that is targeted specifically towards your audience.

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