4 Social Media Concepts That Will Change 2019

Social Media

Social media seems to undergo serious changes within a matter of a few months. What do we expect to see in 2019?

As we head into the second month of 2019, it’s time to ensure that your company’s social media is on the right track. The last year has seen some dramatic changes in the way that consumers interact with commercial social media channels. To improve results and increase success, brands of all sizes must take note of the new trends and learn how to adapt.

1. Increased Transparency

One of the most significant changes that brands must adapt to in the coming years is the growing demand for transparency on all fronts. In a surprising new trend, millennials expect brands to be more forthcoming than friends, family, and even politicians. If your business wants to take steps to increase transparency, it can start in a few areas. Keeping product iterations and app updates publicized and giving behind the scenes looks at your business and demonstrating company values are reasonable first steps. To create a public culture of honesty and transparency can take time and effort, but the statistics suggest it will pay off substantially.

2. A Rise In Private Groups

On both Instagram and Facebook, the changes in algorithms have created significant problems, particularly for smaller and up-and-coming brands. To combat this, some have turned to hosting private accounts and groups. Not only do these features help ensure that consumers are seeing the posts that are made, but they help drive up interest based on FOMO. These private groups can be used in a variety of ways that a more open system can’t including giving quick feedback and more active engagement.

3. Chatbots Grow

Since the start of 2017 companies have been working hard to develop useful and effective chatbot systems. These can be a great way to grab consumers attention and as a chance to follow up with a personal touch. The combination of personal communication and advanced chatbot can help companies gain an advantage in the market.

4. Analytics Take Charge

With the ever-changing and adapting nature of the social media industry, having an in-depth, cross-platform analytic system is invaluable. When you have the ability to look at your social media’s impact on both a narrow and wide scale, you will be better able to know what works and doesn’t.

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