3 Top Digital Marketing Trends

3 Top Digital Marketing Trends

There are many effective ways to use the internet to boost your business.

There are many effective ways to use the internet to boost your business. Using social media helps you connect with your customers, but quality web site is one of the best ways to keep customers informed about your business and to draw in new customers. In the digital marketing world, quality site design and social media engagement go hand in hand. Here are some other popular digital marketing trends.

Video and Visualization

If you post a video on your web site and social media pages, clients and prospective clients will connect with your brand on a much deeper level. Just looking at an ad isn’t always enough to draw people in. An ad that contains lots of information is still easily ignored if the information is not conveyed in the right way. With video content, consumers are much more engaged in what you have to say. There are approximately 1.65 billion active users on YouTube, and those users watch around 8 billion videos per day. Having your high-quality video content on a platform such as YouTube can dramatically increase your business’s visibility.

Native Ads

The last thing consumers want is to be inundated with spam ads and pop-ups while they are navigating around the web. With native ads that link to other pages on your own site, the ads will just blend in with the pages. When someone clicks it, the link will just take them to another page on your website. Not only does this increase your traffic to the linked pages, it also drastically decreases the frustration of people visiting your site. It is extremely annoying to be reading something on a business’s site and accidentally click an ad that takes you to whoknowswhere.com. Since native ads keep visitors on your actual site and don’t spam them, they will also be more likely to come back in the future.

Invest in Your Site Content

There are so many reasons to invest in a partnership with a professional digital marketing company to create your site and content. At Adventure Web Interactive, creating web sites with quality, engaging written and video content is what we do. No one knows your business better than you, so we work closely with our clients to develop web site content and social media profiles that keep customers engaged.

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