3 Ways To Use Linkedin To Expand Your Business

Benefits of a Company LinkedIn PageThere are a variety of social media platforms out there that it can be overwhelming when it is time to implement a marketing strategy.  Although, Linkedin is the one networking tool you need should take advantage of when it comes to marketing your business.  People use Linkedin to make connections and to find possible employment.  When it comes to hiring employees and developing your brand, you need to focus how you use Linkedin.  There are several ways Linkedin can assist in expanding your business.

Focus On Your Company Profile

Linkedin is a great way to showcase your company and provide a professional image to your audience.  Expanding your business on Linkedin all starts with your company profile, and it is essential to add compelling content.  Your company profile should tell a story so add pictures, videos, and articles.  Make sure your company description is concise yet interesting so you can draw people into your profile.  It is critical that you focus on the writing in your profile and avoid any grammatical errors so you can maintain a professional image.

Get Involved In Groups

A great way to stay active on Linkedin is to join some groups and even start a couple of your own.  Start by joining a couple of groups that are related to your career field or interests and follow all of the content posted.  Joining groups is an essential way to network with other colleagues in your field and to exchange useful information.  Creating your own network shows you as an expert in your field and lets you spread your messages to a wide range of people.  Groups are essential in expanding your business and network with others in your field.

Sell Yourself

Linkedin is a great platform to sell your company a create the most desirable image as possible.  So, it is critical when completing your profile that you communicate on how you can help clients and your target audience.  Try to avoid writing your profile in the similar format as a resume.  You want people to know how you assist them in their daily lives.

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