3 Social Media Marketing Myths Busted

Social Media Marketing

Don’t get caught up in the myths of social media marketing. We’re here to help.

Social media marketing is still a relatively new concept, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been long enough for a few myths to develop. Buying into these myths can be the difference between marketing success or failure for your business, so it’s crucial to be wary of any social media marketing tips that simply aren’t beneficial to your success as a company. Here are a few myths we think you need to watch out for.

You Need Every Social Media Platform

For a lot of brands, it’s great to see them covering every major social media platform. It shows that they’re taking their social media approach seriously. This isn’t always necessary though. Sometimes it can even be detrimental if you spread yourself too thin–so instead of opting for quantity, go with quality. What networks does your business really need? Most, these days, need Facebook. But Pinterest or Instagram may only be useful if you have a visually-appealing product. Consider your target demographic and what your actual product is, and decide where to go with social media networks from there.

It’s Too Late to Learn

Some business owners may be victim to the notion that it’s too late to learn, or even that their brand is already well-established without social media marketing, so there’s no reason to adapt to it now. Human-centric marketing, and that includes social media use, can drive your online presence which results in foot traffic. Investing in social media marketing is easy enough and will pay off when you have more customers engaging with your business. Don’t trick yourself into thinking it’s too late for you or your business – social media marketing can benefit everyone.

You Need a Lot of Followers

For some people, social media is simply a numbers game: the more people you get to follow your accounts, the more successful you’ll be. While it’s true that driving numbers is crucial to your businesses’ success, don’t be dissuaded by low numbers. While your follower-count may be low, what really matters is how much of an impact the engagement you do get has.

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