12 SEO Tactics to Implement Right Now – Part I

SEO Tactics

Implementing these SEO tactics will build your rankings in Google, leading to more visitors, prospects, leads, and sales.

SEO is only one part of a successful content marketing strategy for businesses, but it is an important one. Companies that implement best practices in their SEO techniques will see a boost in their organic search traffic. Consequently, they’ll see more prospects which will, in turn, produce more leads and sales. This blog is the first in a three-part series on SEO tactics that you should implement right now to see better returns from your website. Here are SEO tactics 1 through 4.

1. Gaining Links from Wikipedia

Google’s algorithms place a high value on inbound links from highly authoritative sources like Wikipedia, so any inbound traffic from authoritative references will boost your overall ranking. Linking to your site from Wikipedia is a great idea because there is an almost endless amount of information that needs a reference. Often, you’ll find dead links for these reference points. Find dead links relevant to your brand and content and edit them to refer to your own website.

2. Republishing Old, Valuable Content

Whenever you see a piece of content getting great inbound traffic, you’ll want to come up with a strategy for repackaging and republishing it later on. In addition, any old content on your site ought to be updated – visitors to your site may perceive content with a timestamp as recent as 2014 to be old and outdated. Update your old content and include the date of the update in the post (or, alternatively, create a new post with a new timestamp and include the date of the original post in the body of the content).

3. Internal Linking

Backlinking to your own content helps to lower bounce rates (the percentage of visitors that visit only one page in your domain during a visit). When visitors spend more time on your site, that can help your search rankings as the algorithms see this as a sign of authority.

4. SSL Certificate

Website security is a big deal, and Google’s algorithms treat HTTPS as a ranking signal. Studies have also determined a strong correlation between HTTPS implementation and first page Google rankings. Your visitors will also notice and appreciate the added security layer when you implement an SSL certificate on your site.


Check back tomorrow for more SEO tactics you should implement into your website right now!

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