Social Media’s Role in Modern Content Marketing

Modern Consumer on her Phone

Modern consumers use social media and internet resources to make key buying decisions.

The amount of choice in today’s modern markets is staggering even compared to the state of things a generation ago. Even some young people remember a time before satellite TV when there were only a handful of local television networks. With the endless range of choice in nearly every area of our lives, consumers no longer feel obligated to stay loyal to one particular brand. Meanwhile, as consumer habits have evolved, so too have the channels in which companies have been able to market their services and products to their potential customers. Social media has played a major role in this emphatic shift and within its short lifetime has become the definitive way for companies to market to customers.

Personalization is Gospel

Content marketing on social media is all about a personalized experience for the individual consumer. It’s well known and documented that retailers who invested in personalization increased conversions on their sites. Personalized experiences were idealized and valued in the past, but modern technology has made it more easily attainable than ever before and continues to find new avenues toward it. Brands know that creating a positive, emotional reaction from a customer is one of the most effective ways to build brand loyalty in today’s world of instant gratification and seemingly limitless choice.

How to Understand a Modern Consumer

Understanding the modern consumer is the biggest conundrum facing modern content marketers today. Think about today’s young people. They tend to get a bad rap owing to what seems to be their compulsive behavior on their phones and tablets. Where some people would see that sort of behavior as detached and antisocial, modern content marketers see something else entirely. Everything about life, from casual chatting to big idea conversations, takes place nowadays on social media. Modern consumers rely on doing their own research before deciding to buy any sort of product, using social media, Google searches, blogs, online reviews, and much more to learn about brands and their reputations. An effective content marketer realizes the inherent potential of having a market of young people within arm’s reach almost all of the time and recognizes that the screen can actually make these modern consumers more engaged with their direct world than previous generations.

Effective social media marketing is crucial to the success of modern business, and those who recognize this stand to gain immensely from this realization!

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