How To Write Quality Blogs To Successfully Market Your Business


Creating engaging articles can really help your business grow.

Typically, we think about selling a concept versus a product or service. This is usually the way a copywriter conceives of ideas as they prepare to write a blog post or article. Specific tips can help your content become an asset for your business. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind whenever you sit down to write so that you make sure you are maintaining your reader’s engagement throughout the entire piece.

The Sole Purpose Of The First Sentence Is To Get Readers To Read The Second

Conventional wisdom says that the more time people spend reading something, the more likely they are to finish it! That is why having an engaged reader is so critical for adequately marketing your business! Your first sentence of copy will always be the most important. In the end, addictive articles will invariably open with a compelling sentence.

Crafting That First Sentence

Your copy’s first sentence doesn’t have to necessarily have anything to do with the article itself. All it needs is to capture the reader’s attention. To do so, you want to make sure that your sentence is very brief. You also want to strive for some dialogue which can imply present action. This is a surefire way to develop compelling content that attracts readers and intrigues them to continue reading. Lastly, you really want your copy to be a little coy, obscure or unsettling. If your first line draws a question, incites curiosity or creeps out the reader, there is a significantly higher chance that they will move on to the next line.

Communication Should Be Personal Regardless Of The Medium Used

Why should something written for the masses be read like a personal message? Consumers crave connection with brands. Personalized copy tears down walls. This gives the individual reader the impression that the article was written just for them. In the end, addictive blogs or articles sound conversational, like an email from your best friend.

Keep It Interesting

The majority of copy will go through ups and downs regarding engagement. Some parts are read quicker than others. This is all standard behavior. But, keeping readers entertained instead of bored should always be the goal.

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