Why Brand Guidelines are So Crucial for Your Business

Why Brand Guidelines are So Crucial for Your Business

Brand guidelines are the very foundation for a company to build a high-impact and influential company image.

Creating a recognizable and memorable brand requires a recipe for consistency. Customer experience, design elements, messaging, and others are vital ingredients to your website. The special sauce that ties everything together lies within brand guidelines. When you think of your most favorite brands, chances are their experience, logo, or overall design are the very top of your mind. Your favorite brands do not become influential by mistake. Brand guidelines are the very foundation for a company to build a high-impact and influential company brand. Brand guidelines are vital to your success, so how do you go about creating them? Read on to learn what goes into them, as well as a few examples for your business!

What Exactly Are Brand Guidelines?

Brand guidelines inform the design, composition, and overall look and feel of your company’s branding. These guidelines could guide the creation of your logo, web design, marketing collateral, and advertisements.

The True Influence of a Style Guide

Like the importance of maintaining a very memorable visual identity, a style guide informs both your written content and your visual content. A style guide sits within all your guidelines. It reinforces your brand guidelines, providing consistency and clarity, and deliverables created for your website’s brand.

The art of designing a consistent brand starts with creating your brand style guide. The style guide acts much like a compass, navigating in-house and contract graphic designers, web developers, marketers, and community managers to arrive at the very same destination: achieving a unified external-facing expression of your company brand.

Brands with Incredible Brand Guidelines

Experience is the very best teacher, so we have put together a list of phenomenal brand style guides to demonstrate a couple of guidelines you will find in a brand style guide and which areas of a brand they can influence. Some include:

  • Asana: Asana takes the short and sweet approach to showcase their own brand identity. Placing a strong strategic emphasis on word count, they articulately and effectively define their brand guidelines briefly but impactfully. They provide detail on their extensive use of their color palettes, explaining which colors are used for which materials, painting a clearer picture of a vibrant brand.
  • Trello: Trello, the project management application, starts its brand guidelines off by clearly defining the company’s purpose and mission. The brand’s core tenets are to be balanced, accessible, program-agnostic, and more focused on visuals. From there, guidelines break down icons, color palettes, and card anatomy.

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