Signs Your Business Should be Blogging

Signs Your Business Could Benefit from Blogging

Here are some signs your business could benefit from blogging.

Any business can benefit from blogs. Even posting just one or two blogs monthly has been demonstrated to have a substantial impact on sales. Companies with blogs have been shown to end up with at least 67% more leads per month than those that do not. Still, some business owners might not be convinced of its merit. Today, we’re diving into a few signs that your business could benefit from blogging.

Unhappy with SEO

There is no overstating the importance of SEO for marketers. In this day and age, the internet drives consumers, so making sure your business’ website has a strong presence on search engines is paramount. If you’re unsatisfied with your SEO, blogging can be a great way to increase visibility. There is no more proven way to expand upon domain authority, use keywords, and earn lengths than by producing original content.

Poor Social Media Presence

Blogging doesn’t only drive traffic to your website; it does the same for your social media pages. Your website’s blog can easily be shared to your social media pages, which is a boost in activity in its own right. From there, it can be shared by your followers, where it can go on to generate even more followers. Consumers are more likely to trust a blog that isn’t overtly trying to sell something than they are an advertisement.

People Don’t Know Your Business

You might feel that the general public, and even your customers, don’t really understand you. One of the many perks of blogging for your business is that it is an opportunity to show what you’re really about. There’s no better way to showcase your personality, business model, and story than through blogging. For reasons we’ve mentioned above, blogging has the potential to be more effective than advertising, or at least to flesh out the narrative that your ads only hint at. In this way, you can earn trust among the general public and eventually establish new customers.

Can’t Visualize ROI

It can be notoriously difficult to track and visualize return on investment. Blogging is certainly not free, but it does have the potential to create enormous ROI for your business. What’s great is how easy to measure this is with blogging and other forms of inbound marketing. Blogging metrics make it exceptionally clear how many visitors your website has had, and how many pages they’ve looked at per visit. You can also see by what means they’ve accessed your blog, and from what geographical location.

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