What You Can Do to Improve Your Instagram Captions


To get the most out of Instagram, it’s important to write effective captions for all of your posts.

Instagram has become an incredibly powerful marketing tool, however, it still requires some level of skill in order to get the most out of it. The ultimate goal on Instagram is simple: get as much engagement as you can so that more people naturally see your products or services. As central as the visual element is to a good Instagram post, though, the right caption can really make or break how well a post does. Below, we look at a few insights into how Instagram captions can be written with engagement in mind.

The Right Length

Ultimately, you should be opting for captions that are long enough that you can say what you need to say. With that in mind, being concise is always helpful. Sometimes a story behind a product or moment may take a few paragraphs to fully explain, but doing whatever you can to keep things brief is always a good idea. Remember that Instagram is a visual platform and most users prefer less text if possible.

What’s the Heart of the Message?

How does what you want to say relate to the image and why did you choose that image at all? You should be able to convey who is in a photo, why it was taken, how your product or service is central to that image, and any other important context. Anything after the first two lines of a caption will be cut off with a “…more” button, so it’s important that you draw your audience in quickly.

Use a CTA

In marketing jargon, a CTA is a call-to-action, or some final words directing your audience to actually engage with you whether that be by following you for more posts or purchasing something. On Instagram, links can’t be placed within posts themselves, so it’s common for a CTA to ask the audience to click the link in your bio.

Keep it to Small Paragraphs

It’s easy for text to get jumbled up on smaller screens which, considering most of Instagram’s traffic is through mobile devices, makes us think about some important formatting decisions. Keeping your text in short paragraphs with spacing between them allows for people to read your caption much easier.

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