How Businesses Can Take Advantage of Instagram Polls


Instagram polls may not initially seem like a beneficial marketing tool, but when used properly, they can help steer a business into the right direction.

When most businesses think about their social media posts they lean towards Facebook and sometimes Twitter. There is so much more to social media than just those platforms, and another that a mind-blowing 50% of brands utilize is Instagram. Coming up with content for Instagram can be a little daunting, however, so a lot of brands use the poll feature to help engage their follows. This feature allows you to add a question with two answer options (limited to 22 characters each) to your story (you do this under the “Stickers” menu by choosing the “Polls” icon). Your followers can click their answer and you can track the results. Here are some great tips for incorporating Instagram polls into your social media strategy.

Quiz Time

Many brands are using the polls option to offer a series of questions in their story to form a quiz. The quiz could focus on information that is directly related to your product, such as questions about where you source your materials or manufacture your product.  Or it could utilize knowledge or a skill that is related to your brand, like “is this news headline real or fake” if news is part of your business. The important thing to remember is that the content still needs to align with your brand and other posts – going off-brand just for clicks or engagement is never well-received.

Compare Products

Depending on the type of items you sell, you can use the poll to compare (and gauge interest in) different colors, styles, patterns or options. It can be an ongoing comparison between multiple different shirts with the same pair of pants, or more simple, like two different siding options on the same house or cabinets in the same kitchen. You can offer the same options on each picture (“brown siding” and “green siding”) or you can set up each image with “yes” and “no” options so people can express their liking or disliking of an option. This is also a great way to get valuable customer feedback on the options, colors, or styles you’re offering. You can also offer them a discount code at the end of the quiz to drive traffic to your online store and encourage them to purchase the option they liked.

Share Your Values

Millennial customers expect their brands to share and promote their values, and polls can be an interesting place to do that. Use a combination of educating images followed by engaging poll questions to teach your audience or encourage social responsibility (like voting or picking up litter) in line with your brand. Most brands want to at least educate about their product, service, or process, so that can be a good place to start.

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