5 Social Media Writing Tips to Make You Succeed

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Social media writing isn’t as difficult as you may think it is. Be direct, know your audience, and work your way through it.

Truly great writing may involve some level of talent, innate skill, or just a creative mindset. Knowing that, some people approach social media writing very carefully and are intimidated by the entire process. Writing doesn’t have to be as difficult as we sometimes work it up to be in our minds though. Today, we want to take a look at five tips on how you can improve your writing for social media use. Read on to find out our top social media writing tips.

1. Don’t Let Writer’s Block Stop You

Getting bogged down in how you’re saying something can sometimes lead to difficulties in actually getting ideas down on paper. Instead, power through that writer’s block and go with the flow—stream of consciousness writing can often be an incredibly powerful tool in combating writer’s block. After you’ve got the ideas in front of you, go back through and edit everything so it reads well.

2. Be Direct

Remember, social media marketing is all about getting to the point. Customers don’t like feeling like they’re being lied to or misled, so it’s often best to write clearly and directly. Try to cut down on technical jargon so that your writing is approachable by anyone who may be engaging with your business.

3. Know Your Audience

What’s your target demographic? Who do you typically shoot for with your products or services? Answering these questions always gives you a good starting point. Another great way to incorporate your audience is to write from their perspective, using inclusive terms like “we” or “us” to make them feel as though they’re part of the piece.

4. Develop a Sense of Purpose Beforehand

At the end of the day, there should be a goal behind every piece of social media copy. It may be to get someone to sign up for a mailing list, check out a new product, or even just to feel a certain way. Regardless of what your purpose may be, it’s important that you at least have one. Walking into the writing process without an end-goal for what you want out of your audience can leave you feeling directionless and at a loss for how to even begin.

5. Don’t Rely on Words Alone

No matter how good of copy you may be able to write, we’re in an age where words alone just don’t cut it. Most people care about images these days, whether that’s a video attached or just a static photo. Either way, you want to remember that your social media writing isn’t the only thing your audience may end up seeing.

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